Here at Mill Creek Community Church, we believe the New Testament teaches there are two offices in the church. Elders serve as pastoral leaders providing direction through teaching, protecting, leading, and shepherding the flock. Deacons minister as servants through physical aspects of care among the flock and community.

Examples of this include ministering to the needy (widows, orphans as described in scripture), distributing financial assistance, and serving behind the scenes to prepare gospel ministry (serving communion, preparing baptisms, receiving and accounting for offerings, etc). These examples are not meant to limit, but to describe the work of deacon service.


Karen B

Karen Baxter

Benevolence Deacon

Randy D

Randy Dalton

Caring Deacon

Teresa D

Teresa Dalton

Caring Deacon

Jamie J

Jamie Johnson

Benevolence Deacon

Sharilee J

Sharilee Johnson

Benevolence Deacon

John S

John Salisbury

AV Deacon

Jerry S

Jerry Steele

Ordinance/Usher Deacon

Brandon S

Brandon Storm

Men's Ministry Deacon


Rowley T

Rowley Tedlock

Grounds Deacon


Mike W

Mike Whitney

Financial Deacon

Stephen W

Stephen Woll

Facility Deacon