Gospel-Centered Multiplication

Our mission as a church is to be "disciples making disciplies for God's glory", and one of the ways we do this corporately is by planting gospel-centered churches who will plant other gospel-centered churches. 

God has determined the exact time and place in which we live, work and play for His glory (Acts 17:26). We steward our resources well and spread the gospel further when we build up healthy, gospel-centered churches. We multiply the kingdom by planting these churches, whose people can continue the good work of making God known and enjoyed in cities and places everywhere.

But how do we do it? We train and send out church planters. We partner with existing churches. We give away our best for the work of the Kingdom.

Church Planting in Gardner

In 2022, we invited Jonathan Drendel to be our church planting resident, and with a team from Mill Creek, will plant Sojourn Church in January, 2024. 

You can find out more about Sojourn at their websits: www.sojourngardner.comJonathanD