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Foster & Adoption Ministry

Caring for orphans not only is a primary Biblical ministry for Christians, it is one of the most loving and wonderful aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians see orphan care as an opportunity to display the gospel. That is, we were all spiritual orphans, but God—at great cost to himself—adopted us into his family. Now that we have been adopted, we desire to care for all orphans: both spiritual and literal orphans.

foster and adoption ministry

Why an Adoption & Foster Care Ministry?

One of the most practical ways Mill Creek can “Be disciples that make disciples for the glory of God” is to care for some of the most vulnerable in our society—orphans. While Mill Creek is committed to the faithful declaration of God’s Word to all peoples, we must not only share the Word of God and hear the Word of God, but also obey the Word of God (James 1:22). By emphasizing orphan care, our church is prioritizing a disciple-making ministry for the vulnerable and declaring to those outside of the church that we love and care for children. This is a mission critical ministry to our neighbors—those children within our community who do not have parents to love, care, and nurture them.

What an Adoption & Foster Care Ministry Accomplishes

The purpose of this ministry is to connect and support all interested in orphan care. For those who are already fostering and/or have adopted, this ministry can provide tangible support (e.g. prayer, babysitting, emotional support, meals, and needed supplies). For those who are considering foster care or adoption, this ministry can answer questions and connect families considering this opportunity.

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I’m interested in supporting foster and adoptive families.