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New Construction Updates

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December 19, 2018 Update

After our "open house" a few weeks ago when we were able to walk through and weite out prayers for the classrooms, we wanted to show you what the space looks like today. Enjoy!


November 16, 2018

Hey all, here's a drone video of the outside of the new building project. Enjoy!


November 7, 2018 Update

Instead of me telling you what's going on in the new addition, I thought I'd just show you!

October 17, 2018 Update

New this month is...a whole bunch of stuff! We now have all the interior rooms framed out, as well as have finished the rough-in portion of the electrical, plumbing, fire, and heating and cooling. This week they started putting in the windows and entryways, with the goal of getting the whole addition closed up and the heaters turned on as the weather gets colder. 

We had the RTU's (giant heating/cooling units) installed a few weeks ago, and will hav ethe sheetrock begin to show up next week for installation. Once that goes up, the new space will look completely different! 

It looks like on Sunday, November 18th, we'll be able to have the whole new space open for a church "walk-through" that morning, which will hoopefully give many an opportunity to see first-hand where we are. For now, here are some pictures from the last few weeks work. 

CF85F3AA-9FFE-4094-94F7-3AABD0265C38   27726B1E-0002-4293-9108-29901C081946   IMG_3740.JPG   IMG_1526.JPG



September 12, 2018 Update

This past month has been a great month for our construction process. We've seen the exterior walls go up, rough-in work for our plumbing, electrical and audio/visual being done, the roof being installed, and new this week...interior walls! As we continue to use the main entrance on the weekends and evenings, we're able to see firsthand the progress from week to week, but for now, here are a few pictures of how things look today. Enjoy!

12D647FD-893A-4CF6-9E7E-8A772F10489A   IMG_7714.JPG   IMG_7717.JPG   IMG_7716.JPG



August 7, 2018 Update

We've got walls!!! Or at least the structural shell of the walls, but still...walls!  This coming weeks we expect to see all the welding done on the structure and then begin to see metal studs go up on the exterior walls. We should also see our roofing start to be installed, which will be great. And perhaps the best news of them all is that our entryway is planned to be poured this week, which means that we'll be able to begin using the front/main doors again the weekend of August 18/19!! No more "back door" entrance for us! 

Below you'll find some recent pictures of the demo of the bathroom walls, as well as some close-up and far away shots of the steel structure. Enjoy! 

D30319EB-891E-4435-B3BD-69D54A9B6A8D   95D9EA55-B4D3-4E04-9E9D-4712C761C84A    BE2F9288-7202-49FD-AFC7-5058E0DB22D0   F1CA767B-8B4F-489D-BA67-573F0B2B852D

July 24, 2018 Update

First of all, here is a new drone video with construction footage! Enjoy!

As you can see, our concrete is poured and is ready for our steel to show up next Monday to be set. This will be a HUGE change as we begin to see the "skeleton" of the walls and roof take shape, which will be great!

This week you might see some demolition taking place in the exterior of the current bathroom walls. Don't worry...we'll still have bathrooms during the duration of the project, but we need to get our existing buidling ready to have the new space added, so some of our exterior brick will go away in preparation. 



July 8, 2018 Update

IMG_7331.JPGThere's alot going on with our new addition this past week and lots will change in the next weeks! As you can see outside (and in the picture here), we've got our plumbing laid out and is being back filled. This is done so that this next week we can begin pouring our huge concrete slab! Once the slab is poured and cures, we should expect to see some huge pieces of metal begin to go up and create the shell of the new addition. Pretty exciting!

Some of you have asked me about the small yellow building next to the construction trailer (below). Think of this as a "mock up" wall where they will build a small section of wall for us to see what the finished product will look like. 

IMG_7335.JPG   IMG_7336.JPG


June 26, 2018 Update

As we head into week 3 of our "Alternate Entrance" routine, I wanted to thank you for all the encouragmeent and good natured ribbing about our current entry and flow. While it's certainly not perfect, it is working! Which is good, as we do expect to not have Sunday access to our north (main) doors through the month of July. 

fullsizeoutput_61e1One thing I'd ask you to consider as you arrive on Sunday mornings...would you consider parking ruther away? I know it's hot, and I know that there's more walking involved now, but if you're able would you consider giving the closer spots to those who have accessibility difficulties and for those who are our guests? 

One of the phrases our Hospitality Team has heard me say recently is "The Gospel is offensive...nothing else should be." I'd sure not want the first thing a first-time guest experiences is a negative parking experience, and have that color their ability to hear and believe what's said and taught that morning. 

Thanks, friends!! 


June 26, 2018 Update

Good morning, Mill Creek! Pastor Dave here again. If you haven't already done so, please click on the button above labeled "Live Feed" to see what's going on at the construction site. As you might have seen this past weekend, we've had some great work done on the site this past week. We are finished with excavation and now have our interior pads completed, and in this next week will have all our concrete footings poured and inspected. 

After the footings are in, then the electricians and plumbers will be on site to lay out their "under slab" runs so we can have electricity and water when the large, flat concrete slab is poured. After talking with the builders this morning, we find ourselves about one week ahead of schedule, which is so very exciting!






June 11, 2018 Update

Well. it's happened! We've officially begun!!! Yesterday (Monday) the big bulldozers we had on the property for the picnic roared to life and started ripping up the concrete entrance and the footprint of the new addition. While this is pretty exciting, it also means that we have a new, temporary entrance that we've begun using and will use Sunday mornings. Below you can find a before and after picture. 






Please note: We'll also be posting pictures on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so be looking for those along the way too!


June 6, 2018 Update

2018 July Classrooms - Temporary Entrance-2Today, the our builders pulled their job trailer onto the church property and began work on a new sidewalk that will run along the west side of the building, in between the main building and the modulars. This sidewalk (see image) will allow aditional access to the church offices, classrooms, and the student ministry space during construction.

This is especially important as we anticipate that we will not have access to our front doors (north side of the buildng) for about 4 Sundays in June and early July. 



 June 5, 2018 Update

Hello friends! Pastor David Robinson here to give you a bit of a running commentary on our building project as we're almost ready to officially break ground and get this new addition started!!! Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 12.26.22 PMThis coming Sunday (June 10), we will be celebrating a special "groundbreaking" ceremony during our church picnic. We'd love to have you and your family be part of a large group photo around 1:30pm. 

Even as early as this week, you might begin seeing some additional containers and construction equipment show up on site. We anticipate our construction company beginning to set up fencing and start "moving dirt" as soon as Monday, June 11th. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 2.41.09 PM