Missions team in Honduras

Keep up to date with our missions team in Honduras.  We will post information about the team as we receive it.
Please continue to pray for the team this week as they serve in an area where violence has been reported.
Day 1:
Buenos Noches from Honduras!
Our first full day of ministry was successful but also challenging.  The Honduran people are very warm and friendly.  Everyone on the team is doing well; tired but blessed with a rewarding day.
We are looking forward to Day 2 of our work here.  Please keep praying for us this week.
Your missions team in Honduras
Day 2:
We’ve had a full and rich day beginning with a church service.  The church we attended is where we will be serving on Thursday and Friday.  The service was conducted entirely in Spanish and many families came forward at the end for prayer.  Several individuals prayed for our team members one-on-one – what a blessing!  We may not have understood the language but we were profoundly moved by the working of the Holy Spirit.
After church, we stopped at a park overlooking the city and then went to lunch.  We were overwhelmed by the many courses of food we received. Next, we took a 40-minute drive to the Valley of Angels for some shopping and people watching. This gave us a chance to support the local economy.
When we returned to the guesthouse, we loaded the truck with supplies for tomorrow’s dental/medical/optical work. After dinner, we received more training and  headed for bed – our day starts very early tomorrow.
Muchos gracias for your prayers!