This Sunday @ McCoy: Was Jesus Morally Confused?

Michael Martin thinks he was an “inappropriate ethical model.” He joins chorus with the New Atheists…a band of angry, philosophic trash-talking opponents to all faiths. This group includes personalities like journalist Christopher Hitchens, author Sam Harris, and comedian Bill Maher (pictured).

On Sundays at our McCoy campus I am examining the basic claims behind the primary attacks of this group. This Sunday I look at the idea that Jesus’ moral teaching was flawed. And it’s not easy to do. The attacks come in snippet complaints–not in any one organized analysis of Jesus’ ethical teaching. But I have narrowed the complaints down to three basic claims. Join us Sunday to find out what they are–and what a response from a disciple of Jesus might look like.   —Pastor Gary

Jesus’ otherworldliness, harshness, demand of blind obedience, and vindictiveness are not only morally unacceptable but in conflict with the claim that he is morally perfect. Further, his extreme emphasis on purity of heart and language and humbleness is also objectionable. Moreover, his tacit approval of slavery and the unclarity of his teaching concerning other matters (for example, poverty) makes him an inappropriate ethical model.

Michael Martin, in his The Case Against Christianity