McCoy–the “Siege” series has begun.

Sunday I began speaking to a few of the attacks of the New Atheists. These are a group of contemporary atheists who have dedicated themselves to seeing the end of religion and faith. And they have some very bold things to say. I am addressing their work for a few weeks at our McCoy campus. Here is how I’m approaching it…

Oct. 16– Antagonism toward faith–is faith the problem?
Oct. 23– Antagonism toward Jesus–was Jesus morally flawed?
Oct. 30– Antagonism toward the Church–is the church a bad influence?

Through this series I will be interacting with atheist personalities like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens, and others. Why? Because they are so well heard. Because we will be hearing their ideas parroted back to us. Because our kids will be influenced by their ideas. Because believers of all ages will be confused by their ideas. I could go on…

Hope to see you Sunday!

–Pastor Gary