Now that was a cool service.

Sunday morning at our Gleason campus we dedicated the entire service to hearing from our China Team. I just kinda went back and forth with the five team members and asked them to share their story and how they can now see that God led them to this moment together. It was crazy cool. I guess the coolest thing was looking back and seeing how a lot of little things in their lives led them to this really big thing.

Dustin was influenced by a missions trip. Niki was first impacted by a missions conference. Meghan was influenced by Dustin and Niki at a Mill Creek small group. Peter’s first thoughts about China came from a friend. And Kim’s influence came from meeting Peter. Distinct journeys, individual stories. Now one team.

We had a time of prayer for them in both services, inviting up all Elders present, and in the second service all of the team’s parents. Vergel Nelson and his wife were present in the service as well (he is praying in the photo). The Nelsons served for 38 years in Taiwan with TEAM.

Dustin and Niki headed out yesterday…going to spend some time with Niki’s family before going on to China. The rest of the team (Peter, Kim and Meghan) will leave on the 26th. As you can imagine the process is pretty exhausting. So let’s pray for them accordingly.

Our work is not done. But a significant piece is now under way. Remember to pray for Dustin, Niki, Jonas, Silas, Meghan, Kim, Peter, Jack, and Hudson.