Mill Creek’s John Looney now in France!

This week is a big week for John Looney.  It’s the culmination of months of preparation, prayer and paperwork. 

“I believe God wants to put my skills back to work at the BLF (Bibles and Literature in French) printing plant in Marpent, France. Having worked with BLF in 2003 and 2006, I will be able to adapt quickly to the culture and equipment which in turn will help get production back to full speed,” says Looney.

Originally planning to stay four years, Looney hopes to stay 12 months with support he’s received thus far.  “Money came in slow – almost stopped,” he said.  Then he received a call from the director of BLF in France who encouraged him to come over sooner for a shorter period of time.  They need him to begin remodeling the shipping department and office space.  Looney’s background in construction and cabinet building will help facilitate the remodel. 

He’ll also be assisting with Impression Teams.  These teams are made up of 6-8 people who come to France to work in the publishing house.  Impression Team members are able to see firsthand the impact of the gospel on the lives of French-speaking Europeans.

According to BLF’s website, BLF’s purpose “is to glorify God through providing Christian materials to meet the needs of Evangelism and Discipleship in the French-speaking world.”  Testimonies on the website provide a picture of just how far-reaching this ministry extends.  

From Bunagana-Kisoro, Uganda:

I greet you in the name of our Savior Christ Jesus. First, receive my warm greetings. The last time I received your two packages with the materials for Sunday School. Thank you very much. May God bless you. The children are happy and grasp the lesson and the illustrations. Now I have distributed them to the 10 churches in the area.  ~Anita

For Looney, two things remain:  prayer support for spiritual protection and additional funds. Mill Creek should be able to rise to the challenge.

by Karen Petterson