This Sunday @ Gleason.

Titus’ job was to fix the church.

It wasn’t complete. There was no leadership. There were some oddball personalities teaching things that “ought not be taught.” The church had gotten off the ground…but it needed real help.

Titus’ work gives us an inside peek at what it means to bring a church into order. Often “church talk” today is about programs, programs, and, oh yah…more programs. It appears that Titus’ work had nothing to do with programs or marketing or building construction. It was about ordering a congregation to insure their healthy growth was on track.

This Sunday we look again at Titus’ instruction manual from Paul. Paul wrote Titus about the leadership of the church and how the church guides its people (Titus 1:1-9). We continue from there as Paul tells Titus that the church is sometimes challenged by false teaching and must offer correction when needed (Titus 1:10-16).

This Sunday we pick up where we left off (I didn’t quite finish last Sunday!).

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