Fidelity and Faith: This Sunday at Mill Creek Gleason. by Pastor Martin Burch

This week’s national headlines have been dominated by sexual sin. And this time it extends to international implications. From the IMF director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn being arrested for sexual assault, to outgoing California Governor and muscle movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s admission of an extra-marital affair with a housekeeper that resulted in a “secret child”, salacious rumors have dominated the news. It is clear that neither wealth nor power creates a stable personal life.

God’s design for marriage from the very beginning was for a monogamous man and woman to experience oneness (see Genesis 2:24-25). Marriage is true community in intimacy. It is designed to create the community of family. These form the building blocks of society. It is no secret that this design has always been eroding with the effects of sin. It just seems that in many ways, post-modern culture just no longer cares about the erosion. Recent movies such as “Hall Pass” try to turn it into box-office profit.

One of the fascinating aspects of the sad situation with Arnold and Maria, is the way in which it has played out through social networking. We have tweets from immediate family members being “interpreted” by news pundits. Unfortunately, some of these family members are teenagers being put through the public scrutiny of the internet. They are broken by their dad’s affair, and we all get to read about the pain. This is not the kind of experience we should wish on anyone, let alone dissect feelings ad infinitum.

This week at Gleason we will continue our “Shipwrecked” series, analyzing the ways in which sexual sin can destroy Christian testimony. We will have the chance to look very carefully at what Jesus says on the subject. We will also have the chance to understand the tragic consequences through anonymous stories that illustrate the dangers. The good news is that the gospel can counteract and bring healing to even the most difficult traumas associated with sexual sin. And that is the thing that is most encouraging about this difficult topic: God’s grace provides a means for healing as well as the means to navigate away from the soul and body damaging destruction of sexual sin. God’s design for marriage provides a clear path to avoid this shipwreck of home. And that is well worth understanding, uplifting, and celebrating!

– Prepare your minds for action.
1 Peter 1:13